Aso Oke and Lace Attires for Yoruba Traditional Weddings – 42 Colourful Looks!


Hello Everyone. I hope you are ready to feast your eyes on the some of the latest Yoruba wedding traditional attires by couples who chose some gorgeous aso oke and lace outfits for their traditional weddings. From mellow yellows to popping pinks, I’m so sure you’ll find a look that inspires you. If you don’t, then check out our Yoruba Wedding gallery, which is filled with even more pictures of Yoruba wedding brides and grooms.

Lace and Aso Oke Yoruba Attires

Bride in yellow and grey aso oke, yellow lace, and red coral beads. Wedding makeup by Shades by Sayo

Yoruba Brides in hues of yellow. Wedding Makeup by Beauty and the Beholder and Juicy Looks Makeup Artisty (L – R)

Yoruba Wedding Brides in Green and Silver aso-oke / Lace attires.
Top Image by Shollot Studios, bottom by Saydat Makeovers and right by Beautycook Studios

Yoruba Wedding brides in Shades of Brown and Cream.
(L-R) Bridal Makeup done by Crystal Eyez. Wedding Photography by Atunbi

Yoruba Brides in orange, gold and champagne aso-oke and lace traditional wedding attires. Pictures by Ola Akanbi Photography, BMPro, Bellisimo and Sit Pretty Makeovers.
orange--gold-nigerian-traditional-attire-lace-aso-oke-yoruba-wedding-feferity yoruba-traditional-wedding-orange-lace-aso-oke

Bride in Peach coloured lace and champagne sequined aso-oke gele. Wedding makeup by Sit Pretty Makeoversnigerian-traditional-attire-pink-gold-wedding-beads-corals

Yoruba Bride in Peach aso oke, ivory coloured lace and beaded red necklace. Makeup by Sit Pretty Makeoversnigerian-wedding-traditional-pink-gele-red-corals nigerian-wedding-traditional-attire-pink-gold-asoke-lace

Bride in  pink lace and matching pink aso oke. Wedding Makeup by Tinushaiye Makeup Artistry. Totally Love this look!

What a unique combination! Image by Akara Ogheneworo Photographytraditional-nigerian-attire-groom-bride-wedding-feferity_01

Traditional wedding brides in light and dark pink lace attires and wine coloured aso okes. Makeup by Saydat Makeovers

Yoruba couple in aso oke from head to toe. Photo taken by Shollot Studiosyoruba-attire-bride-groom-asoke-wine-gele yoruba-wedding-traditional-attire-asoke-lace-beads-gele

Yoruba wedding attires in shades of red. red-traditional-wedding-attire-yoruba-aso-oke-lace-gele yoruba-wedding-aso-oke-lace-red-wedding-feferity yoruba-wedding-aso-oke-red-gele-silver-lace-wedding-feferity

Brides in Blue! Blue lace buba’s and embroideried silver aso oke geles. Is it me or are these outfits very similar? Beautiful nonetheless. Pictures by Shollot and Xprexxion studios

More brides in beautiful shades of blueyoruba-wedding-attire-blue-aso-oke-lace-wedding-feferity

Yoruba Wedding brides in stunning shades of blue and red. Incredible combo. It seems like you can’t go wrong with this.yoruba-traditional-attire-wedding-feferity-blue-red-colour

Bride in purple and lilac lace and aso oke . Beautiful makeup done by Juicy Looks Makeup artistrypurple-silver-traditional-nigerian-attire-lace-aso-oke-gele-wedding-feferity

Brides and couple in purple, gold and champagne. Wedding pictures by Spicy INC studio and Shollot Studios. purple-gold-yoruba-traditional--wedding-attire

Brides in purple lace and silver aso oke. Love this!traditional-nigerian-attire-purple-lace-silver-aso-oke-gele

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that the Yoruba traditional culture is so beautiful. For more attires, check out the photo gallery. If I was forced to pick a favourite, it would be the blue and red traditional looks. The contrast between the two colours is just beautiful. Which is your favourite?

About Sayo C.

Sayo is the Editor of Wedding Feferity. She is very passionate about improving the way Nigerian Weddings are planned and celebrating our wonderful culture.


  1. Oluwaseyi says:

    I would definitely choose the guy and the lady in purple and gold. My oh my!
    But all in all, every single combination here looks absolutely amazing.
    Great piece, Sayo :)

    • Sayo C. says:

      Seyi, I love that particular purple and gold combo as well. So regal.

      • Oyindamola says:

        Hi Sayo…. Great job… More greese to ur elbow…….. Pls hw do I combine mint green or toqouise blue, fucial pink and champgne gold for aso oke and bridal train. Thanks

        • Sayo C. says:

          Hello Oyinda, you are taking me back to my SSCE Further Maths combination and permutation days oh :-D

          But seriously, there are so many ways you can do that. And when you say aso oke, do you mean you and your husband?

  2. nice blog it promotes our culture

    • Thank you Omo! One of the reasons it was established was to do just that, so I’m glad it’s working! :-)

  3. Nice pictures…please I wanna know; is there a way one can combine orange and red for yoruba engagement ceremony.

  4. Azuka Amaka Blessing says:

    All the colours are beautiful and all the brides are stunning

  5. I love all d attires here.u’re doing a great job.pls i want to wear peach lace n green aso oke for my weddng does it match?

  6. Lovely colours and wedding is coming up,pls how do I combine pink,purple and yellow gold together?

    • Hi Wummy…Congrats on your upcoming wedding. The colours you want to combine, is this for your trad wedding attire, or the entire trad wedding (aso ebi and decor included), or for your white wedding? Would love to help out with more info.

  7. All d atires re gorgeous…please can I use silver/gray gown nd gold head tie and accessories for my wedding dinner?

  8. I love the red and white atire its so beutiful

  9. busola ogunjemilau says:

    Hi. This is for all soon to be brides, you can look perfect in ur engagement attire by combining these amazing aso ebi ideas from sayo c with the right accessories. You can get beautiful beaded jewellry @ b.craft accessories, for further info pls add us on bb 28eccfa2 or call 08032068418. You can also view our previous works here

  10. hi my wedding is coming up soon and my colours are turquoise blue, purple and can i get that and at what price?

  11. Hi Sayo, thanks for your reply, I hv choose the orange and champagne gold theme. And it working perfectly.

  12. deborah says:

    What other colour can I combine with sky blue.

  13. Hello sayo…pls would like to knw more about purple and red combination.

  14. Hi sayo well done with dis great work, I love all d colors here my wedding is coming very soon pls I want u to check d color I pick may be it ok peach,green and sliver or grey.

    • Hi Ayo…Congrats on your wedding. I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you want to combine Peach and Green and Silver for you traditional attire? I like Peach and Green together, but I wouldn’t add any other colour to the combo.

  15. @sayo..I mean for a wedding theme..most importantly the couples traditional attire

  16. blessing okoh says:

    what color of wrapper will match pink and orange gele and a pink top for an engaGEMENT……………thanks as i wait for ur response

    • Hi Blessing…Are you an Igbo bride or Yoruba bride? If you are a Yoruba bride, then it has to be either Pink, Orange (most probably) or a combo of Pink and Orange.

      If you an Igbo bride, you have more options as your outfits can use a wider range of colours. But at the same time, it depends on how much orange your gele has. If it has a lot of orange, then it would be best to go for an orange or pink wrapper to prevent colour riot since orange and pink are really strong colours. But if you it just has a little, then you have more options such as gold.

      Hope this helps….

  17. FEYISAYO says:

    pls name sake,my wedding is coming up soon and i have problem in choosing colour.i want to use pink and any other two colours but i just dont know how to combine them.i want you to advise me on the colours that can go with pink putting into consideration my husband.We are both dark in complexion.thanks.Expecting to hear from you soon.

    • Namesake mi! Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Pink is a very versatile colour, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Also what shade of Pink is it?

      Since you want to use two extra colours, one option is to use another shade of pink, e.g baby pink, fuschia pink and then an extra colour – silver, grey, burgundy, red, navy blue, aqua, purple, gold, champagne, cream…the list is endless.

      Other combos – Pink, Red, Silver/Grey. Pink, Blue and Cream/Ivory/Gold/Champagne or another neutral colour. The key is to have at least one neutral colour so it isn’t over the top and excessive.

  18. FEYISAYO says:

    pls you can also send pictures of couples thst has used my kind of colour in the past.i will be so grateful.

  19. can i use royal blue and skye blue together?

  20. Adebayo Kehinde Tosin says:

    Good morning Sayo, pls my weeding is coming up next month, i love purple alot what can i combine with it that will go for my traditional weeding?

    • Hello Kehinde….Purple looks fab with Gold, Champagne, Yellow, Lilac…Just some of the many colours you can use.

  21. Pls, i will like to have th idea of price of complete aso-oke, lace, hand fan n neck beed.

  22. Hi sayo, pls help me out. My wedding is coming up In May both traditionally , Church and Reception in the same venue. Am confuse on which colour to choose. I have cream and orange or lime green and furhia pink in mind . Or which colour will go for the decoration.

    • Hi Omotola. The colour options you laid out above, are they for you and your husband? I would go with the Cream and Orange. It’s a pretty safe combo. Lime green and Fuchsia pink is nice as well, but not everyone can pull it off, as it may not look nice in every fabric or pattern. I wouldn’t use Lime green for the decor as well. It’s a tricky colour that sounds nice but doesn’t always come out as imagined.

  23. pls sayo my wedding is up in APRIL how can i combine peach and mint green for my ASO-OKE

  24. Pls my wedding is coming up n i need ur product, how do i locate u pple? Help me chose colour bcos wit wat i see here am confuse. Am dark in complexion help me out. Tnk u

    • Hello Mercy…Wedding Feferity does not sell any african textile. I’m happy to give you my opinions on colour combos if you tell me what colour options you are thinking of already.

  25. Rita Modupe says:

    It’s all lovely and amazing………

  26. Good morning my sayo,my wedding is cming up in may,am really confused about colours to use for my engagement (yoruba), am light and he is dark in complexion, am considering peach and wine, wine and sky blue, or red and mint green,green or gold,am really confused,pls help me out,thx!

  27. Hello Sayo,
    My wedding is coming up in two months time and am still confused on my colours (yoruba trads). To begin with, am dark in complexion. I want blue and silver though am not sure it will go well with my colour. I also want gold for my reception attire which will be a gown. Will plain gold be ok or will a light shade of gold near cream do? Gele nko? Then what shade should the deco be? Am so confused!!! Help a sister out o before I look like a peacock on my day.

  28. Here is an interesting blog, promoting our culture and guiding our intending brides.
    Keep it up Sayo C.

    We make the Yoruba traditional attire (aso oke).
    Our package comes with the feferity handfan and veil.
    We can be contacted by emails.

    Thank you

  29. Tanks Sayo for replying me. I like Peach lace $ champagne sequined Aso-oke but if u hav any colour in mind for me i will glad. Am dark rember. Tnk u

  30. What colour of head tie can I use on a red skirt and blue blouse

  31. pls sayo my wedding is up in
    May.. pls wat color of accessories(including shoe bag nd bead) can match
    lilac lace (buba) nd purple ASO – OKE
    PLZ Reply.Thanx

  32. Olusola says:

    Hello Sayo, need an urgent help. My wedding comes up in April. I chose an Aso Oke colour which is Cream Wrapper and Orange Gele. I didn’t get a lace material for both combination that suites me. I don’t know if Cream lace would work since I’m getting same lace for both of us or jst tell me anoda colour that can complement my Aso Oke. Thanks

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Olusola, I would keep it simple with the cream lace. Another extra colour may throw things off.

  33. Ayo Funmi says:

    Please can I combine purple with fushia pink as a wedding colour. And also wat accsessories can go for a sky blue and red aso oke? I mean for traditional wedding

  34. Ayo Funmi says:

    Sorry I mean baby pink and purple does it go for a church wedding now traditional

  35. please is pink and blue a suitable colour

    • Sayo C. says:

      yes, they go nicely, but you have to match the right shades of the individual colours properly.

  36. Adetomiwa says:

    Hi,my wedding comes up soon, I dunno if I combine fucial pink and teal.the pink as d buba and teal as d aso oke

  37. pls what do u think of royal blue and tomato red combo for traditional weddin? ….also, royal blue and fuschial pink combo for traditional weddin, look forward to ur reply

  38. Hi sayo, pls can I combine red gele on green sequins or red gele on peach sequins

  39. Hi Sayo, please I need help. My wedding colours are teal and coral and that’s exactly what am using for the aso ebi. For myself and Oko mi I choose teal and champagne gold as our final attire(aso oke) am worried that the attire won’t stand us out from the crowd. What do you advice I do? I already placed the order but I can still change the colour. Thanks for the quick reply

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