Yoruba Traditional Wedding Engagement List – Eru Iyawo


The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Engagement list is presented to the groom’s family from the bride’s family some weeks prior to the traditional wedding day. The gift items asked for on the list (known as Eru Iyawo in Yoruba) are packaged and presented to the family of the bride on the traditional wedding day. The engagement list items below are not set in stone, although some like the Bible/Quoran, bitter kola, and are a must.

The items on the engagement list will differ based on what part of Yorubaland the bride’s family is from and your family may decide to ask for more or less items. The groom’s family can also haggle to reduce the number of items. The engagement list is drafted by the bride’s family members and unfortunately the bride has no say as to what is requested.

Yoruba Engagement List (Eru Iyawo List)

42 Bitter kolas (Orogbo)
42 Tubers of yam (Isu)
42 Kolanuts (Obi abata)
42 Chilli/Alligator Peppers (Atare)
42 pieces of dried Fish (Eja Osan)
1 Dish of peppered corn  meal (Aadun)
1 Pack of Sugar
2 Baskets of Fruit
2 Decanters filled with honey
4 Crates of canned or bottled soft drinks
4 Crates malt soft drinks
4 Cartons of bottled water
2 Bottles of non alcoholic wine
2 Cartons of fruit juice
1 Bag of salt
1 Bag of rice
1 Umbrella
1 Goat
1 Keg of palmwine
1 Keg of groundnut oil
1 Big suitcase containing clothes, shoes and hand bags including aso-oke fabric, 2 sets of lace with gele and 2 sets of ankara
1 Wrist watch, Earrings and Chains
Biscuits and Sweets
Engagement rings for bride and groom
Bible(for Christians)
Quran, praying mat, praying kettle, rosary, white hijab, veil and tasbir (for Muslim weddings)

 Money /Fees
Owo Ori (The Bride Price) – Varies
Owo Ijoko Agba (Money for the elders consent) – N,1000
Owo Baba Gbo (Money for the bride’s father’s consent) – N,1000
Owo Iya Gbo (Money for the bride’s mother’s consent) – N1,000
Owo Ikanlekun(Door knocking fee) – N1000
Owo Isiju Iyawo (Fee for unveiling the bride) – N1,000
Owo Aeroplane (Bride transportation fee) – N1,000
Owo Iyawo Ile (Money for the Housewives) -N500
Owo Omo Ile (Money for the Children of the household) – N500
Owo letter kika (Letter reading fee)-N500
Owo Telephone (Fee to call the bride out) – N500
Owo Isigba (Engagement gifts unveiling fee) – N500
Owo Alaga Ijoko (Master of Ceremonies fee) – N500

The money is collected at different points during the traditional wedding ceremony, while the gift items are arranged at the venue before the ceremony starts. Gifts are usually packaged in baskets or boxes, which are coordinated to match the wedding colour scheme or wedding theme.

Here are pictures of some packaged engagement gifts at yoruba traditional weddings.


Photo by Four23 Photography


Engagement Gift Packaging by I Do Weddings Nigeria


Engagement Gift Packaging by Eru Iyawo

*Images courtesy of  Eru Iyawo and I Do Weddings Nigeria. Head over to their pages for more inspiration.

So have you ever gotten involved in creating the engagement list or buying the engagement gifts? Do share your experiences with us in the comment section below. 

About Sayo C.

Sayo is the Editor of Wedding Feferity. She is very passionate about improving the way Nigerian Weddings are planned and celebrating our wonderful culture.


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    • Hi Brittany.
      Most families provide the items listed above, some just give less or more than the quantities stipulated.

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    • Hi Mr Akolawole….The challenge with lists for other non-yoruba cultures is just how greatly they vary from one town/city/village/family/household to the next. I will try to hunt one down and you can use it to guide you bearing in mind that what you may receive may vary greatly.

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    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Zandile, as the bride, you do not need to take any gifts. The Nigerian tradition requires the groom and his family to visit the bride and her family for the formal introduction ceremony. As you are South African, whatever tradition your tribe demands is what will hold.

      Having said that, there is no harm in taking some gifts just as a kind gesture. I think taking some nice South African gifts would be a nice way to introduce them to your culture. South African fabric and foods maybe? Otherwise, you can stick to standard Nigerian fruits and drinks. You can’t wrong with those.

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