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The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire is similar to other Nigerian Traditional Wedding Attires by being Bold, Colourful, Royal and downright Beautiful. You can see some full Yoruba Weddings in here. Alternatively, if you are interested in seeing hundreds of individual yoruba traditional wedding attire pictures showing the gorgeous colour combinations, then you can view this at the Photo Gallery. Check out some screen shots of what it looks like below.



About the Yoruba Traditional Attires

The official fabric of the Yoruba folk is Aso-Oke. In the past, it was the only  fabric used for special occasions, but today it’s a whole different story. Lace, Ankara, Damask and others are popular choices, but Aso-oke will forever remain the king of all Yoruba fabrics. In future, Wedding Feferity will educate you about Aso-oke, it’s history and much more, but for now we’ll cover the different Yoruba traditional looks for brides, grooms, family and friends.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire for the Bride

A Yoruba bride getting married is expected to wear the complete traditional attire of the Yoruba people from head to toe. She wears an Iro (wrapper worn around the waist), Gele (headgear), and an Ipele (shawl). This fabric used for her attire is aso oke, the signature fabric of the Yoruba people. She completes the traditional wedding look with a Buba (short wide and loose blouse with long sleeves). This Buba can be made from the same aso oke used to make the Iro, Ipele and Gele. Alternatively, she may wear a Buba made from Lace fabric. Her jewelry will consist of earings and necklaces made of beads or gold, or a combination of both. Many brides have their Ileke (beads) custom made for the wedding. No Yoruba bride is complete without her pair of matching shoes, an accompanying bag, and her feferity fan. She also needs to wear a veil over her gele.


Some brides choose to change into another outfit which is less gen-gen than the first one. This second yoruba traditional attire is usually made from other non-aso-oke fabrics such as damask. Apart from the yoruba traditional wedding, some brides choose to wear the traditional attire during the white wedding reception, instead of, or in addition to a second wedding dress.

Yoruba Traditional Attire for the Groom

The groom’s attire is created to match the bride’s. His outfit is made from the same fabic his Iyawo’s. His four-piece attire consists of the Sokoto ( a pair of loosely fitted trousers), the Buba, the Agbada ( a massive wide sleeved, wide shouldered flowing robe), and his Fila ( hat). His accessories will include a long beaded necklace. Some grooms choose to carry an Irukere (horse-tail) to achieve a more traditional look.


Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire for the Parents of the Couple

Like the bride and groom, the parents of the bride and groom wear their own special attire made out of aso oke as well. The two sets of parents may decide to wear identical outfits, or different outfits.traditional-marrige-nigeria-wedding-pcitures traditional-wedding-pictures-nigeria

Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire for the Wedding Guests

The family members and friends attending the traditional wedding are given the option to buy the aso ebi. The infamous aso ebi is the official wedding fabric distributed to guests attending the wedding. It can be  made from lace, ankara, damask, or any other fabric of choice. The fabric colours are the same as other wedding colours such as the decor. Many families ‘pick’ aso ebi  for the headgears ( gele and fila) alone. Guests can then wear a white traditional attire (which is a very popular choice), or any other colour to match the headgear fabric chosen by the family.


Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire for the Couple’s Friends

Friends of the bride, Ore-Iyawo, are sometimes given a seperate aso-ebi. Same goes for the groom’s friends. The attire is usually trendier and more suitable for younger men and women. Velvet has been a very popular ore-iyawo choice in the past year.

brown_gold_colour_combination_asoebi_nigeria_wedding_feferity aso-ebi-red-gold-wedding-feferity

Isn’t the Yoruba Culture beautiful? You can check out our photo gallery for more pictures of the Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attire being worn by brides, grooms, parents and guests. Photo Credit – Photonimi  // Digital Den Photography // Seyi Charles George // Atunbi // Alakija Studios

About Sayo C.

Sayo is the Editor of Wedding Feferity. She is very passionate about improving the way Nigerian Weddings are planned and celebrating our wonderful culture.


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