Wheels of Love Wedding Invitation


Product Description

The Wheels of Love Wedding Invitation is a lovely pocket wedding invitation with subtle but patterns. The insert on which your wedding information is printed on is enough to contain your white wedding info and traditional wedding information.

The very handy style of this invitation will allow you to put other relevant information such as a separate traditional wedding card, access card, gift card or direction card, all in a neat and presentable manner.

Quantities Invitations are sold in batches of 50 with 100 IVs being the minimum purchase amount. So the minimum amount that can be purchased is 100 and then it increases by 50, that is 150, 200, 250, 300 and so on.

Order Process

  • Select an invitation from our collection as seen offline or online at
  • Reach out to us by phone (08102722443) or email ( for an initial consultation to make enquiries.
  • Book an appointment with us to see the invitations at our Lagos office and complete the order process after selecting the invitation of your choice.


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