Wedding Colour Guide: Choosing Colours For A Nigerian Wedding


Choosing Wedding Colours is one thing. Choosing Wedding Colours for a Nigerian Wedding is a whole different ball game. Many brides find it to be the most challenging aspect of wedding planning as there is so much that has to be considered. I covered the basics of choosing wedding colours and combining the colours earlier on. While other brides have to think of colour schemes for one wedding, we have to think for two! So how many different colour combinations are you looking at?wedding-colours-nigerian-traditional-attire_0003

Colour Scheme 1: Traditional Wedding Bride and Groom Attire
These colours will be unique to you and your husband. They will be different from all other colours used by your wedding guests and for the decor. The rationale behind this is that since everyone is wearing traditional attire, it is important that they stand out by choosing different wedding colours. The downside is that their look may not be harmonious with the rest of the wedding.

Colour Scheme 2: Traditional Wedding Guest (family and friends) Attire
In the past, the norm was that the groom’s family and bride’s family picked different colours and fabrics (lace, aso oke, george, etc). In the Yoruba culture, some familes choose gender specific colours. So the Brides family has to choose female colours like pink and yellow, while the grooms family will be expected to choose male colours such as green or blue. But things have changed significantly. Some families choose the same colour and fabric for the headgear only.  Weddings these days are adopting a more uniform look, with both families choosing the same colour and fabric.

Colour Scheme 3: Traditional Wedding Decor and Engagement Gifts
This palette will be the same as colour palette 2. The decor and engagement gifts packaging will have the same colour scheme as the family aso ebi.

Colour Scheme 4: White Wedding Colours
White weddings are a bit more straightforward. There is usually one overall colour scheme for the entire wedding. These colours are used in everything, from the bridesmaids dresses and decor, to the cake and wedding guest traditional attire. Some families still choose to have seperate colours for both families.

So this is how wedding colours are used in the typical Nigerian wedding. But these aren’t hard and fast rules. You and your family could always choose to do things differently. Infact, I would love to see alternative ways in which colours are being used in Nigerian Weddings. Have you seen anything interesting? Please share, we would love to hear!

About Sayo C.

Sayo is the Editor of Wedding Feferity. She is very passionate about improving the way Nigerian Weddings are planned and celebrating our wonderful culture.


  1. Hello Sayo, thanks for the good job. I would be getting married early next year and I’ve been having difficulty choosing my engagement colors. I’m actually thinking of Orange and Cream for the couple, then purple and white for the aso-ebi and decor. Please what do you think of the colors. Would appreciate suggestions for the aso-ebi and decor color but I aint changing the Orange and Cream for the couple.lolz. Thank you

    • Hi Adetutu. Thanks so much for your kind words. I love your orange and cream couple color as well! Although purple is a very strong color, because you have chosen to pair it with white,the combination with your orange and cream would look very bright and colorful without being overwhelming. Another colour worth suggesting is green. Check out how this was used in Lola and Tunde’s wedding here Let me know what you think, and if you have any more questions. You can also reach me directly at contact[at]

  2. Hi pls I will like to knw wat will go wid purple I v a purple lace wid a touch of silver,and also have an attire which is blue frenchlace dnt v Idea but my ashobi is pink wid a blue head

  3. Hi Aisha… Since there is already a touch of silver on the lace, then pairing your purple lace with silver (gele) will look nice. Alternatively, you could opt for a lighter shade of purple – lilac. I wouldn’t stray away from those two colours as your lace is already busy with two colours already.

    For your blue french lace, it would be great to know what shade of blue it is, as although blue is a versatile colour, some shades of blue look better when paired with certain colours e.g turquoise with red, navy blue with baby blue, orange or yellow…..and the list goes on! So let me know what exact shade and we can take it from there.

  4. Hi sayo!welldone great work!!!my wedding is cumin up nxt year april..Already I choose turquoise blue and orange for d engagement.and for my white wedding I choose fuschia pink and butter yellow with a little touch of white to tone it down a bit..pls I need ur opinion and ideas on what my bouquet shud look like and d groom’s combination for the white cos guys run away frm pink this days

    • Hi Sayo,
      what a relief!!! saw your website like few days back , please i would like suggestions on color to use for my wedding.
      the thing is i dont know so much colors but am very sure i like something bright and my hubby to be shares same views.
      we would really appreciate your help


  5. hi d blue frenchlace is royal blue wid touch of golden dnt v an idea wat the inner shud be

  6. Omolola says:

    Hello sayo,l honestly appreciate ur efforts here!God bless you.
    My trad wedding is around the corners and i chose coral peach and champagne gold for the couple,royal blue for the groom’s family and lilac for the bride’s family.Pls what do you think about the combination?l’ll really appreciate your response.

  7. Olubunmi says:

    Hello Sayo, good work here I must say, my wedding is in December, my colours are: Orange and Champagne gold – Couple
    Lilac and Purple – Families
    Lilac and Peach – Guest
    Peach and Mint green – Ore Iyawo.
    Please how do I combine my bouquet as I would want at least have all d colours combined.

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hello Bunmi…Congrats on your December wedding! And what a colourful ceremony you are having. If you are based in Nigeria, you wont be able to easily get flowers which come naturally or cheaply in all your colours, so silk artificial flowers are your best bet. You could incorporate all your colours into your bouquet using two ways.

      Option 1 Orange and peach are in the same family, same with purple and lilac, while champagne gold is sort of neutral. I think the mint green would clash and throw off the aesthetic appeal of the bouquet, however, you could easily arrange a silk bouquet of purple, lilac, orange, peach and champagne gold flowers. You can then wrap the wedding bouquet holder with a satin mint green coloured ribbon.

      Option 2 If the orange is not too deep/dark – if it’s a pastel/lighter shade of orange, then you can create a pastel floral arrangement with the lighter orange, champagne gold, peach, lilac and mint green flowers, with a darker purple satin ribbon wrapped around the flowers.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  8. Hi Sayo! Great advice, my wedding is next year and am thinking of using orange and blue for the trad but am confused on the color of aso Oke to use, need your help

  9. onyinyechi fortune says:

    i will say, thank you for your good job in helping young ladies like me, please my traditonal and white wedding will be next year november, i want to use wine colour and sharp golden for the traditional marriage, then use leave green and golden and rose pink for the white wedding, please how do you see the combination. Thank you, waiting for your responce

  10. Hi Sayo,
    My wedding comes up in November and I have been finding it difficult to pick colours. Actually chose wine and cream for me and my husband. But still thinking of changing it. As for our parents, don’t know yet what colour(s) to pick for them. Our siblings are not left out too.
    Already picked a fuscia pink and ash colours for my friends. I’ll really appreciate your responses.Thanks!

  11. Hello Sayo! What I meant was my lace would b orange and my blouse would be blue. Dunno if I should use an aso Oke that has both colors mixed together or use a plain one.

  12. Plain like either orange alone or blue alone.

  13. Hi everybody, I’m having a little difficulty choosing colours for my traditional marriage. I want to combine plum blush peach with royal purple and gold. The peach ‘ll be for my blouse while the george ‘ll be royal purple. And for the ashoebi I want to use gold, deep peach and purple. I don’t know if these colours ‘ll create a lively scenery or not. But I’m most scared of clashing the colours or making my wedding dull. Please, I need ur help . Tnx

  14. Petrolina says:

    pls Sayo i will like you to inbox me some lovely colour combo to use for my traditional marriage and white wedding pls pls and pls. Thats my mail addy

  15. Hi Sayo,
    Thanks for the brilliant job. My wedding comes up in February next year. I have already chosen gold and red as my wedding colours for the white wedding and my fiance and i will be putting on the same colours for the traditional wedding. However, i’m still confused on the appropriate colours to choose for the groom and bride’s families for the traditional wedding. Purple, peach, silver and red are not an option because my sister just used them for hers and i wont want a repitition.
    I would have loved for the groom’s family to use blue as their colour of the day for the trad wedding but what colour do i suggest for my own family?

  16. Godbless you Sayo. My wedding is coming up first Quarter next year. I have choosed green(mint) and Coral as my main colourz for the white. Need help on what colour(s) to combine it with for my Asoebi, family ankara and decoration. Counting on your expertise. THANKs

  17. Hi Sayo,
    Thanks for all the tips, they are indeed very useful. My wedding comes up 5months from now, i have chosen royal blue and fuschia pink for the couple’s traditional attire. I am having serious problems picking a colour for the aso-ebi. My hubby says purple and brown, i dont think that is cool at all. Please advice.

  18. Hi,
    great job welldone here,more grease to your elbow,my wedding is coming up early next year,i love to use tourquoise blue on mint green but dont know how to combine both.

  19. hi Sayo .
    i luv dis pls keep it up. please my wedding is coming up early next year and my colours are red, cream and gold.
    i don’t know what to use on my traditional marriage. whether to use same colours for my traditional marriage or if there’s another colour pls kindly help.
    pls i really need ur help.
    tanks and God bless

    • Hi Gift…It would be great to find out more about your wedding plans. Is the trad wedding on the same day and location as the white wedding? If so, then yes, it will be a lot of sense to keep the colours the same. But its always nice to have some variety. I have sooo many colour combos worth recommending, but check out our photo gallery and other post of traditional wedding attire inspiration. I’m sure you’ll find something you like there.

  20. elizabeth says:

    Hi Sayo, I’ve always loved your column even before I started planning my wedding. I’m getting married in the next 5months. My colours are fuschia pink with champagne for the traditional marriage but I don’t know how to combine these colours for the groom since pink is a feminine colour.
    Trad theme colour: undecided
    White wedding: yellow and blue
    Decor: blue and white.
    Please what do you think of these colours? Thanks

    • Hello Liz,

      Thanks for dropping by and being a long time fan :-)

      For your trad wedding, your groom’s cap should be fuschia pink, and then the rest of the attire can be a darker less feminine shade of champagne such as a darker deeper gold. The groom’s outfit doesn’t have to be an exact match, as long as it’s coordinated

      You white wedding colours are good as well. For the decor, since you are using white, you could go monochrome and use multiple shades of blue. and navy, as opposed to just one shade.

      I hope this helps!…x

  21. the traditional wedding is on a different day and different location from d white wed (my village and a week b4 d white wedding). den for d white can i use a red colour bouquet without combining d cream n gold. (.bt still include them among d colours of d day). tanz

  22. My trad n white wedding is next year on d same day at my father’s compound in d village. Pls wat colours shuld i combine,am confused.l really nid ur reply.

  23. Hi Sayo,love ur site n ur suggestions.They really come in handy.My wedding will be coming up early next year.I chose red and gold for the aso ebi but don’t know wat color combination to pick for my traditional weddings.Please,ur suggestions are needed.

  24. d trad n white wedding will take place on d same day but different location.

  25. Also,can i use purple,gold n red for my decor since my bridemaids will b wearing red n gold attire while my best lady will b wearing purple n gold?

  26. Hello Sayo!,how u doing? nd well done.
    My wedding will take place early next year but am confused of d colours to choose.
    Though d colours I ave in mind for my white wedding is Purple+ Orange colour,While my traditional wedding is Light Green+Pink. Pls I need ur advice to know if d colours combination are okay.
    Thank you.

  27. And I want to also know how to combine colours for my chiefbrides maid nd d coffeti ladies too. Since I will b making use of Purple and Orange for the white wedding.
    Thank you.

  28. samuel Temitope says:

    Am not really good at colours..
    But my favourite colour is blue..
    My wedding is by April 2014 and am thinking of Blue and Gold(actually dt is wat my lady prefer)…
    Please,how can we combine this and make the decoration lively.

  29. Hi sayo
    I must say this that you are realy helping.
    My wedding is coming up earily next year, av choose vivid red for the couple but dnt knw d colour to choose for ore iyawo, the both parent and aso ebi

  30. Hi,my wedding is comin up August,thinking of bright orange and cream wit touch of turquoise blue..den couples-Peach.dunno if they all go?pls help

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi T :-)
      These colours, are they for the trad or white wedding? Yes for Bright Orange and Cream. It’s a winning combo.

  31. Hi Sayo,
    Thanks for helping, my wedding is coming up next year and my colors are pink and ash. I want you to help me with one color that can blend with these two colors apart from blue and purple. Thank you.

  32. Hi sayo, u r really doing a great job,my wedding is coming up 5month 2 dis tmy, nd is d same venue 4 mi traditional nd white wedding, i love peach nd chocolate brown 4 d couple,i don’t knw what 2 choose 4 d aso ebi, ore iyawo.pls help out

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Kemi, Thanks for dropping by, and congrats on your upcoming wedding.

      The beauty of our traditional weddings is the incredible number of colour combo options a bride can choose for her ore iyawo and guests. Your ore iyawo colours will depend on your preferences. Do you want something that compliments your attire or that gives a bit of contrast? Your aso ebi can be also be any colour you like, as long as it’s insync with your decor and other wedding elements

  33. Hi Sayo,
    my wedding is coming up soon and am not really good with colours but am thinking of using royal blue and grey. plz what do you think of the colour , and do you have any picture of this colour in traditional wedding?
    pls help out. Thanks

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Liz, I don’t recall seeing royal blue and grey being used together. Here is a picture showing 4 brides in something close. I’ll update this reply if I do come across one. It’s a nice combo, though not very common. I would use royal blue as my headgear, and wear the grey as lace.

  34. Hi Sayo, really commend the great work you are doing here! Keep it up!!!
    Pls my wedding is coming up very soon and I’m having issues with this colour stuff. For the engagement,I’m thinking of picking “white with touch of orange” for the groom’s family and “white with touch of green” for the bride’s family while I’ll choose mint green and orange with some touch of white for the church wedding cos the groom wants to wear a white suit. Don’t know how to combine these colours for the bouquet, bridal train and aso ebi. Hope to hear from you very SOON. Thanks

  35. Christianah says:

    Good morning shayo. Good job ure doing here, God bless you indeed. Please I would like to ask a very important question? I am currently arguing with my fiancé on doing both engagement and white wedding on the same day. He says cos his mom is ill at the moment, which I understand, but is it traditionally right for the grooms family to impose or say that they can’t do d engagement the day before the wedding. I kno it will be soo much stress for us to rush it all on the same day and not enjoy that engagement rendezvous well so as to meet the timing of the church wedding. I personally don’t like stress, but I feel traditionally, the brides family picks the date and the groom would accept and even if they don’t, they could say a week interval- just to allow rest in between. Please this is very urgent. Thanks for ur help

  36. Hello sayo
    Plz I will be grateful if you will help me combine colour for my trad and white. Am not really good at colour combo but I love fushia pink. My hubby is dark in completion and tall so I want something dat will be good on him. And also for the B-train.
    Thank you

  37. Ola Abimbola says:

    I love ur post and have learnt alot reading it. As u bless us u will also be bless. As u make our day colourful God wil beautify ur life Sayo. Amen.
    pls my own wedding is coming up october, d colours I have in mind are pink, lilac and dark purple. Dnt knw if its okay. I dont also knw wat my traditional wears for we d couples, family, asoebi and bridal train will be like. pls I need ur help. Am chocolate in color while my man is a little bit fair. Thanks in anticipation of ur reply.

  38. Holuwershurlar says:

    Hi Sayo, Plssssss I nid ur help on dis. My traditional wedding is coming up by March and my Aso Oke colours are Cream and Orange. Nd I’m confused as to what colours to pick for d guest, cake, hall decor etc. Thinkn of Fuschia pink and Silver. Pls help me out. Thanks

    • Hi Holu, The beauty of Trad weddings is that for you can pick any colour combination. The only unofficial rule is that it should be be different from the couples attire, which Fuchsia Pink and Silver are, so I would stick to those colours for the rest of the stuff. Your cake may or may not be Silver and Pink. I tend to prefer pictures with couples whose cakes are the same colours as their attires.

  39. Kikelomo Bashua says:

    Hi Sayo,thanks 4 all the help you’ve been rendering to couples….my wedding is coming up later this year and am totally lost about fiance chose wine and cream for the wedding reception while am left with †ђξ hurdle of choosing the colours for the traditional wedding…pls i need ideas…thanks

    • Hi Kike…You are so lucky to have you fiance helping with the wedding! He chose the easier wedding to pick colours for sha :-)

      Trad weddings are much more complicated and it would be impossible to give you a good response without a starting point such as any colour ideas you have in mind or like.

      Fortunately, we have a gallery and posts on the site of past couples and weddings here Photo Gallery. Also check out the rest of the site for real weddings, Im sure you will find some good ideas.

  40. Thank for ur idea. Pls can cyan, navy blue, lemon and orange for a wedding and traditional wedding. Pls, what colour combination will match the couples for their traditional wedding.choose from the colors above.

    • Hi Ugo, Although you are working with many colours, there is some cohesion. And yes these colours can be used for any type of wedding. As for the couple, any colours different from what you stated like Red and Gold, or Purple and Gold will be nice.

  41. Thanks for ur idea. Pls can cyan, navy blue, lemon and orange go for a wedding and traditional wedding. Pls, what colour combination will match the couples for their traditional wedding.choose from the colors above.

  42. Hi sayo,ur response to dolapo’s question just answered my intending questions….keep up the good work love…God bless U

  43. Hello Sis,
    I commend your effort soo far on wedding color combinations. Please my wedding is April this year, the color i have in mind is sky blue and silver but im still comtemplating on it and i dont also knw the kind of colour to combine with army green for aso ebi. Please help.

    • Hi Nil…Thanks for stopping by. Sky Blue and Silver is a killer combo, so definitely go for it.

      As for Army Green, Cream, Ivory, Champagne, Gold, Medium brown, Pale Pink, Peach and Red all seem to go well.

  44. Hi sayo, i really appreciate you for the good works you are doing! My wedding is coming up soon and i have chosen, coral (deep) peach, glittering gold and green! Aldo i dont now the shade of green to combine with it. Also i need your help on how to use it for my bridal train and the groom.. Tanx

  45. hi my wedding is around the conner(april) and i still av problem wit my combination.i chose orange and blue for couples,lilac and purple for families,lilac and peach for guest and peach and mint nw i feel the combinations are too obvious.i need ur advice pls.bcos i dnt knw what my decor wil luk like.but i still want the couples colour to be orange and blue.

    • Hey Glow, Lol @ your colour options being too obvious. Orange and blue is not that random or obvious. It’s always best to go with safe colour options for wedding guest and family aso ebi because there are so many people wearing it and if it doesn’t look nice then it will be beau coup de obvious. In my opinion, fancy and experimental colour choices should be reserved for the couple.

  46. Tobiloba says:

    hi sayo, gr8 job may God bless yu and enlarge your coast IJN. Ma wedding is april and i dont knw hw 2 mix d colors yet. engagement i want orange and purple, reception mint green and either blue or purple… i dont knw wat d aso ebi sud luk like pls help me.

    • Hello Tobi most people experience mixing colours for the first time when getting married, so you are not alone *hugs* . Orange and Purple is pretty bright, so I would recommend that at least one of the colours for your aso ebi ladies isn’t s bright ( think champagne, silver, beige).

  47. A job well done here. my wedding is coming up on May i av chosen Navy blue and Red or chocolate and any color that can go with it aside cream(it’s too common) for the engagement but finding it difficult to pick color for both family and also the color for the cake and decoration. awaiting ur response. thank you

  48. Kudos 2 u !pls my wedding is around d corner i am thinking of sky blue and royal blue for d couples but dont knw d colour 2 pick 4 d guest and d colour 2 use 4 d decoration thanks

  49. Hi Sayo,
    Pls my wedding is coming up in about 5months,i’m thinking of peach and champagne gold for the main wedding and for the traditional attire of the couple.pls can you suggest any colours dt wouldn’t clash so much for the groom’s family and bride’s family for engagement.tnx

  50. Hi sayo,

    My wedding is coming up in 2mths. I chose orange and gold as the color of the day ,but i want to pick peach and gold for friends. What do you think of this idea.


    • …….am still waiting for response

      • Tolu…thanks for your question. Sorry for the delayed response.

        Your combo is pretty good. I have seen quite a number of brides use it and it turned out okay. Having one colour in common with the aso ebi (in your case Gold) is a safe choice that always turns out nicely. I would recommend using really bright Orange for your lace fabric.

  51. Hi sayo,
    Really appreciate what u doing here, God bless u 4 us. Pls my wedding is coming up soon n I want to know if my colours r good to go. For couples Orange n bronze or Ivory and for family and friends its going to be Orange n Army green. If its not okay pls u can make suggestion for me but I want an Orange theme wedding. Thanks so much as I await your response.

  52. u are doing a great job pls l need to know lf pink and red can go as in d attires are pink while d headtie nd shoe are red.

  53. Kudos to u sayo. God bless u pls my wedding is coming up in june I don’t know how to combine lime green and wine for the white wedding and yet my man insist we use green for engagement. So pls help and if u have other colours to combine it will be welcome and I will even appreciate pictures. Thanks in anticipation

    • Hey Oyebola…Why Lime Green and Wine? I would go for Pink instead of wine. For the engagement, you can go for a different shade of green – Army green and Orange, Peach, Gold.

  54. You have not replied my post pls

  55. Hi sayo!
    God bless you richly for this great job. Have learnt so much from your site. My wedding is coming up in less than 4 months time, and am stil confuse about the colours to settle for. I have orange in mind as the main colour and want to combine it with gray/silver but am kind of confuse on what third colour to combine with(apart from lemon) . Please what do you think about the combo and what third colour can u suggest? Thanks alot

    • Hi Marti…I’m glad you are finding the site useful. Are these colours for your white or traditional wedding? You know there’s no rule which says you have to use 3 colours. Two is perfectly fine unless you really want to use a third one. The more colours you use, the trickier it gets.

      For a final colour suggestion, since you aren’t up for yellow, then blue is your next best bet…either a light or dark (navy) blue, depending on whether your orange / gray is dark or light.

  56. Hi Sayo,
    Thanks for all the tips, they are indeed very useful. My wedding is coming up in some months time.i have chosen mint lemon and fuschia pink for the couple’s traditional colours are Pink and silver for both parents,pink and gold for aso ebi.i am having serious problem picking colours for the decoration and cake for the engagement and also don’t know the colours to use for white wedding. Plz what do you think of these colours? Please advice,hope to hear from you very soon.

  57. hi Sayo, my traditional wedding is coming up in may n am so confused on the colours to choose for the hall decoration, aso ebi, and ore iyawo, I chose white n pink for the hall decoration n lilac for the aso ebi, I want to know if this colours are going to b ok when combined n for u to advise me on the colour that can be combined with the lilac for the aso ebi n the colours to choose for the ore iyawo. looking forward to ur reply.

  58. Awaiting your response,thank you.

  59. Hi, your site is such a fantastic one. My white wedding comes up in about a month from now and i stumbled on this site just two days ago, this has made me feel like changing all my plans especially my colour and my bridesmade dresses. My initial coloure was red and green and i dnt mind knowing your veiw about that colour. Tnx

  60. hello Sayo,rily luv dis ur site. u doin a great job,cant stop lukin at d luvly pix u ve. my trad weddin is comin up less dan 2mths now.pls i nid ur help urgently on my colours. for d couples orange and torquoise that is our lace will be plain torquoise and our aso oke will be orange wit touch of torquoise. for d families lilac and purple. pls i nid to see some pix of couples that ve chosen dis my color and pls wat color shld our cake be. pls reply me asap and i’ll be honoured. GOD BLESS U.

  61. Hi pls I chose burnt orange for my white wedding does it goe with gold ie for my train girls.then wat color shl frnds and guest use tanx.

  62. Temitope says:

    Gud day u r really doing a great job on dis page pls my wedding is July and l choose fuschia pink and arch for my wedding but l don’t know d color too choose for aso Ebi and my bridesmaids wit both parent pls l need d reply very urgent

  63. Hi Sayo. Tnx for d great job u r doin here. I have chosen three colors navy, cream and gold. I have chosen to make the cream and navy the general colour for both bride and grooms friends and also for decor den we’l add gold to our own dressing I.e. The couple to make us different. But I’m not sure if these colours won’t be dull cos I want a colorful and beautiful wedding especially d decor.

  64. opeoluwa says:

    hello Sayo,still waiting patiently for ur reply. for the family and friends is purple and green.

  65. funmibi says:

    hi sayo,

    Qudos on the good job you are doing here. My wedding is coming up in may n the colours I chose are white n peach for the decoration, silver n purple for the bride n groom while the aso ebi colour is red n peach, please I need to know wat colours to choose for the ore iyawo. looking forward to your speedy reply.

  66. tomilayo says:

    Hello sayo,you doing a good job .Please my wedding is in few months I want to use champagne gold and orange for the couple for the trad don’t the colour I will pick for aso ebi amd ig I should use that same colours on Saturday andy decoration on Friday is not left out please. That my email address

  67. tomilayo says:

    Hello sayo,you doing a good job .Please my wedding is in few months I want to use champagne gold and orange for the couple for the trad don’t the colour I will pick for aso ebi and if I should use that same colours on Saturday and decoration on Friday is not left out please. That my email address

  68. Amy Ojeifo says:

    Hi Sayo, I really must commendur good jobs & words of advice to soon-to-be brides like me. My wedding is 2 months away & I havent even chosen colours yet *covers face** Dunno which colour combo touse for d couple & both families. It’s not gonna be a loud event but I still want it to look good in terms of colour. BTW, I luv any shade of green, blue, burnt orange, champagne colour or silver. Please, will appreciate if you could use ur expertise to give me a nice combination. Thanks & God bless.

  69. Hi Sayo
    what a relief !!
    i would neeed your help please for my wedding
    Not sure what color to use but i know i want something bright same view is held by hubby to be.
    Appreciate the work u are doing here

  70. Hi Sayo, I must commend you on your efforts in help ladies like us wiv the right colour combinations for weddings. First, i want to know if these colours are compatible: purple, lilac, hot pink and gold. Pls, can you help me distribute the following colours for
    -chief and other bride maid’s colour;
    -my aseobi
    - my mum’s aseobi.
    for the church wedding. Thank you very much.

  71. blessing says:

    plz my wedding is coming up soon and I choose peach gold and brown for d t.m we are using peach and gold?then my parent brown and gold.

  72. blessing says:

    hy sayo plz my wedding is coming up soon and I choose peach gold and brown for d t.m we are using peach and gold?then my parent brown and d colour OK .d white wedding colours are peach,olive green, and gold

  73. Hi Sayo,
    Stumbled on your site a few hours ago and believe i would get the answers i need
    will be getting married in 5months time and not sure of what colours to choose although i would love to have lemon in whatever combination i use.
    Thanks a lot……

  74. Abiola says:

    Hi Sayo,u r really doing a work helping ladies to find good colours, may God Almighty countinue to bless u Abundantly. Pls my wedding is coming up soon,I don’t know the colour to choose for my traditional aso oke for couple.we r having both d engagement n white wedding the same day n I chose turquoise blue n champagne gold as colours of d day

  75. Hello Sayo, wow am so happy to stumble on the website…please my wedding is coming up soon. For the engagement, I chose yellow gele n white lace(for groom’s families), Red gele n white lace(For bride’s families) and ore iyawo(Pink lace and Blue gele) and ore oko(white trad and pink/blue cap) and couple-Orange and champagne. what could the décor, cake and gift corner be? the idea is to make the trad day colorful.
    white wedding-lace that has touch of pink and pink gele (universal)……..please what is your take on this? please help!!!!!!!!!!! my wedding is soon

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Cutie, For your cake, I think you should use the same colour as the couple – orange and champagne. It will look much nicer in the pictures. The gift corner is usually the same colour as the overall decor. For your decor, I would advise you to go for white and the red and yellow used for your groom and bride’s family aso ebi. This way, it is still colourful but whole wedding is harmonious.

      I like the white wedding idea as well. Pink is a great colour choice and monochrome always looks good. The touch of pink will allow people to wear what they have which will give the whole wedding diversity. Love it. Best of luck Cutie.

  76. Hello Sayo, thank you so much for your swift response. You have surely helped me a great deal. Please you didn’t talk about the colors I chose for our friends i.e Pink lace and blue/pink gele for the ladies and then white trad and blue/pink cap. But the groom families-yellow gele and white lace and bride families-red gele and white lace. Is this idea okay? would you recommend it? if No, what would you recommend for our friends to wear?

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Cutie…That combo for your friends is very okay. It’s always nice to have some contrast. Those are colours I would use as well if I’m going for something diverse and colourful like you are.

  77. Hello Sayo, i cant thank you enough for the great job you are doing, been going over your site the last 3 days. My wedding is in August and i having big challenge with choice of colours. I am of Ibo tribe and my Hubby says i can do something with orange but i dont know how to combine for the traditional or white wedding. i am also thinking of green cos its my favorite color but again dont know wat to do wit it. Can i get pictures that can help me know wat these colors combo look like? Thanks a lot.

  78. Pls sayo,i need a reply 4rm u.pls do u av magazines dt can explain everythng 2,and where can i get it?

  79. Adetutu says:

    Hi,Sayo.Luv the good work Ɣ☺ΰ r doing.Pls I nid ur opinion  dis colour turquoise Blue and peach.its d same colour ̤̣̈̇f the guest,Bcos ♏Ɣ wedding is in 4months tym.thK Ɣ☺ΰ and God Bless the work Ɣ☺ΰ r doing.

  80. Hi Sayo,

    I feels so good to get on ur website. My wedding is some months away. What is your view on my colour combos

    Trad: Fushia & silver (or white gele)

    White wedding:
    All guest :Torquiose blue & Pepper red
    Does this colours go? Also any suggestion from you will be welcomed

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Jums, Both sets of colours go very well. We have many pictures of those colour combinations. Just check out other parts of the website.

  81. Hello, Sayo thank you for creating this platform. Hmm, my traditional& white Wedding is in June and I need your help in color selection. Actually green and any other color is on my mind for the TM, while ash and purple is what I have decided for white wedding. Pls help me choose colors for the TM. Thank you.

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Nnena, congrats on your upcoming wedding. What shade of Green do you have in mind for your trad wedding? That will help me pick the best colour to match.

  82. Ola Bimbo says:

    I love ur post and have learnt
    alot reading it . As u bless us u
    will also be bless. As u make
    our day colourful God wil
    beautify ur life Sayo. Amen.
    pls my own wedding is coming
    up october, d colours I have in
    mind are pink , lilac and
    purple. Dnt knw if its okay . I
    dont also knw wat my
    traditional wears for we d
    couples, family, asoebi and
    bridal train will be like. pls I
    need ur help. Am chocolate in
    color while my man is a little
    bit fair. Thanks in anticipation
    of ur reply .

  83. Hello Sayo,

    It is a relief to find such a helpful forum, thanks for making the life of the brides there easier!!!!!!! So to what brought me here today, my own color palava!!! I didn’t know it was this much headache and hassle to pick colors for wedding oooo. lol. For the traditional attire, my spouse and I have agreed on fuchsia pink and royal blue. I need assistant with the rest color scheme, because I absolutely have no clue. my wedding is coming up in 7 months and this color issue is really getting on my last nerves, because that seems to be the starting point of my conversation with all family members and vendors. I just need your help please. All I know is that I am a sucker for pink and my partners fav color is sky blue and that’s all I’ve got. I have also consider using our birthstone color as an idea, and that would leave us at red/wine and purple. I checked out the combo and it looks too dull. Okay I’m done ranting, please just help me out here, I am totally open to your ‘professional opinion’ seeing you are an expert in this mater. Thanks and I will be looking forward to you quick response. Cheers

  84. tsiakie says:

    Hi Sayo ,
    I would like to say thank you for this article . I was thinking about (red & green) and (red and white/mustard) for the traditional ceremony as we change outfits. what colors do you think will best blend with the bride and groom outfits starting from decor to family to guest colors in other for us to stand out. Am asking this because I think my initial color combinations is so wrong judging by your article. Please help a sister out .

    • tsiakie says:

      Hi Sayo,
      My shade of green is the emerald green. Forgot to add that.

    • Sayo C. says:

      Hi Tsiakie, Thanks for your question. Don’t throw your initial colour combinations in the bin just yet!

      The thing about Red and Emerald Green is that you will have no problem standing out because it is quite bright and eye-catching already, so even if you use bright colours for the rest of the guests and the decor, as long as it is not emerald green and red, you will stand out.

      For guest aso ebi, I would go for something light and luxe such as Champagne or Gold and Sky blue.

      • tsiakie says:

        Thanks Sayo for your wisdom. Could you please suggest colors for the decoration at the traditional wedding

  85. Evelyn says:

    Hi sayo,
    my marriage is coming up in july and am seriously having challenges with the colour combination.i choose peach and blue but as I heard, it has to be 3 colours so I dont know what the third colour should be. And on the main white wedding, I thought of navy blue suit for my husband to be on peach shirt, please what do you think.

    • Hi Evelyn, Thanks for your comment. Peach and Blue is a pretty good combination. And no, there is no rule stating it has to be three colours. It depends on the colour scheme you have chosen. Some colour schemes are easier to combine with three colours (e.g Gold, Purple and lilac), while some are best with just 2. There are no hard and fast rules. And remember, a lot of Nigerian weddings use white for the table cloths, chair covers and part of the decor, so that kind of counts as a third colour. Peach and Navy Blue is okay together. Don’t stress yourself trying to find another colour if you don’t feel like, but if you are adamant, I would add Champagne, Hot Pink or Yellow.

      As for your husbands suit, I like the idea of the Navy blue but not digging the peach shirt. Coloured shirts on grooms don’t always look nice, and peach could be a very tricky colour. If it was a colour like sky blue which men usually wear for work, then I would have said maybe. It will look nicer if he wore a peach coloured tie, bow tie or pocket square.

  86. Evelyn says:

    Hi sayo,
    please I also forgot to add that I do not know the colour I should use for the asoebi so please help out a sister.

  87. Evelyn says:

    Hi sayo
    I also chose, peach gown for my 2 bridesmaid with blue shoes and other two to go with blue gown on silver shoes, thats for the white wedding.please what do you think of these combination.

    • Hi, I think the second pair of non-blue shoes for your second set of bridesmaids should be the third colour you choose for the wedding. If you do not choose a second colour however, silver looks nice with navy blue and is a versatile colour, so it will look nice, even if it is not part of your colour scheme.

  88. Annie says:

    Hi Sayo, I appreciate d work u r doing may God bless u for ur effort. I will b getting married couple of months from now and am having problems with combination of colors for d whole event. My idea color theme r Royal Orchid(purple) and yellow(sunflower).
    1. For d engagement I tot of using a beige Aso Oke wit d purple design on it or we don’t v to use d theme color in order to standout?
    2. Are d families suppose to use d same colors thru out (theme color) or dey can chose a different colors for d engagement but maintain d theme color for d white wedding
    3. The decor,bridal train,grooms men,cake will all use d same color.
    Plus I need ur suggestion as soon as possible leaving in accra n I need to get tinz right. Ur suggestions is gladly welcome. Plus reply urgently. Thanks #soconfuse

  89. Good morning gem sayo. Keep up d good work. My wedding is coming up 4 months to now and my man has chosen ash and orange for our engagement(GTB)colour he said,I don’t know how to combine dis colour ma? and what colour of beads can I use with it pls?Also must parent wear dsame colour with our own?and if dey can wear diffrent colour,can I use der colour for d engagement decor and cake? For d wedding I choose mint-green,coral and Gold. how should I combine it for my bouquet, d bridal train,grooms men,flower girl and can both parent use the same colour too. with well wishers too. pls I need your help urgent so I can start buying thing now. God bless you. Thanks in Anticipation of a favourable response

    Yours faithfully

  90. Pls can u get back to me by sending d reply to my email (reni_oguns@ It can also be pasted here too, I’m just afraid I might not get d reply early if its here alone.pls help ma thanks.

  91. I commend u for ur good works, keep it up. My wedding is some months time and I need ur opinion. For my trad wedding,I’m thinking of champagne gold n red, what colours will be okay for groom n brides’family n ore iyawo? For white wedding ,its orange n cream with a touch of mint green,is it okay n what should my bouquet look like? Thanks

  92. Chide says:

    Hi Sayo, thanks for the great work, pls i need help. My trad is a week before my wedding. I will like to use brown and cream for the traditional. For the wedding am thinking between fuschia pink and blue or red and lemon green. Am light skinned. Thanks much as u help a sistet

  93. Gladys says:

    Hi Sayo,

    I trust you are well.

    Your site has helped me with few ideas so keep up the good work. I am getting married next year April. The engagement planning is confusing me to the core, I am looking for bright colours_ any ideas? We are both ibo (I am from Asaba and groom from Anambra) – don’t know much about the ibo tradition. Never been to one, just yoruba weddings

    I just plan on picking one colour for the day but been told that for aso ebi my friends have to be different, his family has to pick their own colours, then my family e.t.c, so I am thinking, will I be looking at 3 colours at this rate **confused face**.

    What process do you think I should follow for trad?

    For the white wedding, colour of the day is Lilac and Gold and would like everyone to come in their sunday best, lol.

    Sorry for the long speech, lol.

  94. Oluwatayo says:

    Keep the good work going!

    Pls kindly help out. Need to combine gold with another two colours. The two colours i don’t know and how to combine these three colours i mean gold and the other two colours. If possible pls kindly send me a full pics of gold with other two colours. Wedding is august 2014.
    Thanks hope to hear from you soon via

  95. Temitope says:

    Hello Sayo,
    My wedding is in August and I already chose teal blue and champagne as the colour for the aso ebi.
    However, I still do not know what colour to choose for me and my hubby. Please, what colour do you think will be great?

  96. biodun says:

    Hi Sayo, I ve this very important wedding to attend. The colour code is teal and yellow. Teal for the gele and yellow lace. Am finding it hard to use what colour suits better for the bead. Red coral or a mixture of teal and yellow. The teal and yellow design is also confusing on how to mix it. Is it compulsory that the colour of my bead must go with my shoe and purse?

    • Hi Biodun, thanks for your message. Red coral and a mixture of teal and yellow both go, but which goes better depends to an extent on what style your outfit is being sewn into, and what colour your blouse (or dress) and headtie will be – teal, yellow or a combination. It also depends on that sort of neck your blouse will be sewn into. If your blouse neck is high, then the beads will be placed on your outfit. If it’s a lower neck, then the beads will sit differently on your neck / chest area. This is also important. Either ways, I would go with Red Coral, because in all situations described above, it will work well.

  97. Aniekwe. Peace says:

    Hi Sayo, I am a nigeria. And my white and traditional weddinh is coming up by october 2014. Pls am confuse on whch colour to choose and I need a clasic wedding

    • H Sayo, Thanks for a good work doing. My white wedding is in November and the colors i have in mind is Pink , Green and White . please how perfect is the colors, OR should i go with Blue and pink, but if i should go with the first option, what color will i choose for my bridesmaid ,what color will go for the bridal train , what color will the gloom use as tie and also what will be my friends and well-wishers color. please help me out. Thank and God bless for U

  98. Aniekwe. Peace says:

    Please my traditional and white I comin up by october and am confuse on which colour to choose and combine

  99. ady's cake place, Suleja says:

    Sayo g’morn. Good job. My brother’s wedding is around the corner. Theme colour is pink. Im thinking of wearing baby pink lace iro n buba with pepper red aso oke n matching shoes, bags n beaded necklace. What do you think? Tx n hv a great day.

  100. ady's cake place, Suleja says:

    Nope.first time. Only posted a comment concerning cakes. Never posted about clothes or colours.

  101. s:
    June 16, 2014 at 13:49

    H Sayo, Thanks for a good work doing. My white wedding is in November and the colors i have in mind is Pink , Green and White . please how perfect is the colors, OR should i go with Blue and pink, but if i should go with the first option, what color will i choose for my bridesmaid ,what color will go for the bridal train , what color will the gloom use as tie and also what will be my friends and well-wishers color. please help me out. Thank and God bless for U

    • Hi Peace, thanks for the reminder :-) . Those two colour choices aren’t bad. It all comes down to personal preferences. If you use Pink, Green, White then an apple green colour is best. I prefer Pink and blue (Navy Blue preferably). For the first combo, I wouldn’t make white a third option. White usually ends up being part of the colour scheme naturally without even making it an official colour, from table covers, chair covers, stage decor, wedding bouquets, and other stuff. If using white, then it should be with only one other colour so it really stands out and it is really obvious you are using white.

  102. Adzande Faeren says:

    Tnx 4 the good job, keep it up. My white wedding is coming up in 4 months time but still haven’t made up my mind about the colors yet. We like blue(any shade) but don’t knw wat other colours to add to it. We are both dark in complexion and most of my maids are dark too. My man doesn’t like pink and yellow and I don’t want red cos red and blue is soo common. Wat should I go 4? Tnx

  103. Tnx 4 the good job, keep it up. My white wedding is coming up in 4 months time but still haven’t made up my mind about the colors yet. We like blue(any shade) but don’t knw wat other colours to add to it. We are both dark in complexion and most of my maids are dark too. My man doesn’t like pink and yellow and I don’t want red cos red and blue is soo common. Wat should I go 4? Tnx

    • Hello Fafa…thanks for dropping by. Thanks for also being very specific with your question. It helps us to give you a much better and faster answer…

      So pink, yellow, blue and red are out right? Is this for a white or trad wedding by the way? Either ways, here are some options –
      Any shade of blue and gold is good.
      Blue and Grey is also nice
      Cobalt Blue and Silver
      Royal Blue and Purple – not common but it works
      Blue and Brown – If you don’t mind a dark colour scheme

      Hope this helps.

  104. Olufunmilayo says:

    Hi Sayo
    Nice work your doin. My wedding will be coming up early next year and i haven’t chosen colours yet.i have these colors in mind (yellow,silver,orange,) but i don’t know how to combine them,please let me know how i can go about it.including aso -ebi and decoration .
    Thanks Sayo

  105. Opeoluwa Abimbola says:

    Hi Sayo, av been having challenges in choosing colour for my wedding. pls can u help me out. i want to choose blue and orange for general code dress and decoration, gold and purple for the couple does it match?

  106. Ola Bimbo says:

    love ur post and have learnt
    alot reading it . As u bless us u
    will also be bless. As u make
    our day colourful God wil
    beautify ur life Sayo. Amen.
    pls my own wedding is coming
    up october, d colours I have in
    mind are pink , lavender and dark
    purple. Dnt knw if its okay . I
    dont also knw wat my
    traditional wears for we d
    couples, family, asoebi and
    bridal train will be like. pls I
    need ur help. Am chocolate in
    color while my man is a little
    bit fair. Thanks in anticipation
    of ur reply .

  107. Ola Bimbo says:

    pls reply me

  108. hello sayo,
    ive gone through your site and am very impressed. please my sister’s wedding is on October 11, 2014.we are considering what colour combination is to be chosen for aso ebi and head gear. the couple are using mint green with peach. how ever we are considering olive green with peach for the aso ebi. I need your advise as soon as possible. however, your colour match idea will be appreciated


  109. Ngozi Osamor says:

    Hi Sayo

    My wedding is coming up in November and my colours are peach and red. How do I combine them, when decorating the hall. I can’t seem tofind combinations in those colours. Please help

  110. Motunrayo says:

    hi Sayo,
    You are really helping, Will be getting married soon, dont no how to combine colours, i will like to make use of Pink as my major colour.

  111. Hi Sayo,
    A good job you are doing here, my wedding is April, and this colour thing is really giving me issues. Am thinking of picking pink and burgundy for the white wedding,i still do not know what to pick for the traditional. But i need a clarification… What colour will i use for the decor and cake for the engagement, is it the couple’s colour or the guests’ colour ‘cos it’s gonna be different colours for couple and guest. Please, i really need your advice. God bless you.

  112. Sayo C. says:

    Hi Dolapo…Choosing colours is quite nerve racking so you are not alone. Your question is a very relevant one. Traditionally, the decor and cake colour is the same as the wedding guests colour, and not the couples colour. I think the idea behind this is for the couple to stand out from everything in their enviroment, which will include the decor and aso ebi colours used by guests. My issue here is that it usually clashes with the couples attire, and doesn’t look very harmonious in pictures.

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