Benin Bridal Inspiration – Beauties in Beads


Happy Easter everyone! Today on Wedding Feferity, apart from celebrating Easter, we are celebrating our beautiful Edo sisters whose incredible beaded attires are the envy of many other Nigerian tribes. I can’t get enough of those coral beads worn on their heads and as beautiful body capes. It just never gets old! Check them out […]

Yoruba Traditional Weddings – 37 Stunning Iyawos and their Dashing Okos


Happy Monday people! I’m sure you will agree with me when I say it’s definitely time for another article on Yoruba Traditional Wedding attires. This has to be the most popular feature on Wedding Feferity. Today I’m featuring 37 different Yoruba couples. Most of them of got married this year so you get to see […]

Yoruba Brides – What’s trending? Scalloped Geles.


Happy Thursday! How has the week been so far? Fabulous I hope. So today’s feature is all about gorgeous Yoruba Brides. I know we feature quite a lot of Yoruba stuff relative to other cultures, but that’s because there are just way more images out there. Like tons more. We are happy to feature more […]

Efik Weddings – Real Brides, Grooms and Beautiful Traditional Attires


Happy new month everyone. We’re kicking November off with some more cultural inspiration from around Nigeria. The Efik Wedding is today’s focus. One thing I love about the Efik traditional attire is how distinct it is from that of other cultures. It’s quite easy to mistaken an Igbo bride for an Edo bride, but when […]

Igbo Weddings – Traditional Wedding Brides and Couples


Hi everyone. We are celebrating the Igbo Wedding culture here on wedding feferity with some beautiful images of brides and grooms looking great in their traditional igbo attires. Feast your eyes on some gorgeous georges, luscious laces, rich colours and culture. Traditional Igbo Weddings – Brides and Couples More Traditional Igbo Wedding Brides

An Ijaw Wedding in Bayelsa – Felix and Beauty Wed


Hi Everyone. I can’t believe the week is over! I’m happy to end it with Beauty and Felix’s colourful traditional Ijaw wedding which took place in Bayelsa over the summer. Finally, some Niger Delta love to reflect the amazing diversity our country is blessed with! Enjoy the beautiful images by BK Concept.       Congratulations […]

Yoruba Wedding Pictures – Engagement Attire Inspiration


Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I’m starting off the week with some Yoruba wedding attire inspiration! This article features Yoruba wedding pictures of real couples in their trad wedding attires. I’m also spending quite a bit of time answering questions which Wedding Feferity readers have been asking about selecting and combining […]

Lucy and Seun’s Traditional Wedding by Demilade Roberts Photography

nigerian traditional engagement_0039

Today on Wedding Feferity we have a beautiful Traditional Wedding ceremony between lovebirds Lucy and Seun who started dating about 6 years ago after meeting through mutual friends.  If you are absolutely tired of seeing red and gold/champagne being used as traditional wedding colours, please get ready to fall in love with the combination all […]