Benin Bridal Inspiration by Looks by Hilda

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since we ventured to the Niger Delta area for some inspiration, so I’m quite glad to be featuring some gorgeous Binin Traditional Bridal looks. Looks By Hilda, a Benin based Makeup and Hair specialist created this lovely lookbook depicting the different ways a Benin bride could look on her […]

Benin Bridal Inspiration – Beauties in Beads

Happy Easter everyone! Today on Wedding Feferity, apart from celebrating Easter, we are celebrating our beautiful Edo sisters whose incredible beaded attires are the envy of many other Nigerian tribes. I can’t get enough of those coral beads worn on their heads and as beautiful body capes. It just never gets old! Check them out […]

Edo Wedding Attires and Beads – 18 Beautiful Benin Bridal Looks

The Edo wedding attire worn by brides during their traditional wedding ceremony is so rich and regal. They look like true african queens in their beaded coral attires. To start off with,¬†Edo brides have their hair made into a unique hairstyle known as Eto-Okuku. Coral beads are then sewn into the hair to form of […]