Wedding Colour Guide: How To Create the Perfect Colour Scheme


Before you get carried away with trying to combine sea-foam green with magenta, you need to understand the basics of colour selection. Understanding the relationship between colours will give you the knowledge necessary to create a harmonious wedding colour scheme. The first step in the colour scheme creation process is choosing a main colour.  This colour […]


Wedding Colour Guide: How To Choose Colours For Your Wedding


There are hundreds of wedding colour options available to brides, and thousands of ways these colours are combined creatively, so it is no surprise that many brides find the process of colour selection and coordination quite challenging. Wedding Feferity has put together a three-part colour series to help you out if you are struggling with […]


Wedding Checklist for the Nigerian Wedding

wedding checklist

This Wedding checklist has been designed to ease the stress that comes with planning Nigerian Weddings. It breaks down the most essential tasks you will need to complete based on a 12 month engagement period. Unlike any other wedding checklist that exists, this one includes Traditional Wedding tasks as well. Keep in mind that this is […]


Welcome to Wedding Feferity!


I’m so glad you dropped by. Wedding Feferity is the latest Wedding Website for Nigerian brides, grooms and enthusiasts around the world. So what exactly goes on here on Wedding Feferity? Everything and anything to do with Nigerian Weddings! From detailed info on traditional wedding ceremonies accross the different Nigerian cultures, to stunning real wedding photos […]