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Happy New Year Everyone! So since it’s week number 1 of year 2018, it’s only appropriate to share some interesting Naija wedding trends I think will be hot/hotter this year. Speaking of trends, so much has changed since I started this website 4.5 years ago (yes it’s been that long). The industry has experienced so much growth, from beautiful made in Nigeria wedding dresses to artisans in cake baking and bead making creating outstanding work that is comparable to anything you would see abroad. I’m pretty sure you have experienced some excessivness here and there. I mean these days, if people do not eat Amala and Ewedu, Jollof rice, mini burger, cheese cake, small chops, suya, malt, cocktails and champagne at your wedding, then that means they did not see food to eat oh! LOL

But hey, that’s who we are as Nigerians, very very extra people. Nothing is done in moderation in this country. In all the drama, do not forget to stay true to yourself and your pocket! Do you and live for you!

So, back to the trends I spoke about earlier. Here are a few that I think will shape “Nigerian Weddings 2018″ ! 

Rose Gold / Blush Pink Colour Palette

I remember when rose gold was first introduced to the wedding world 4 years ago. Then it was so rare and hard to find, but today, it’s everywhere – decor, fabric, accessories, you name it. I expect this bridal favourite to continue to trend for at least another year before Nigerian brides move on to the next ‘it’ colour 

rose gold nigerian weddings 2018

Ultraviolet Colour of the year

Okay so this is just a very fancy name for purple. It has been declared the panatone colour of the year. Once pantone picks their colour of the year, most manufacturers and small businesses start making products in that exact colour. From shoes, to lace fabric, cakes and invitations, 2018 is painting your earth from green to ultraviolet. 

pantone ultraviolet wedding 2018 mood board

Traditional Wedding Trends

Traditional Weddings have come a long way from standard lace, aso oke and george outfits. What people wear for aso ebi now is what brides used to wear as their main outfits 5 years ago, so obviously brides have had to step things up in a major way. We expect to see more and more embellishing and stoning of fabrics but in more creative ways and using more interesting appliques such as velvet. I also look forward to seeing brides opting for more interesting styles instead of the standard blouse and wrapper – think stylish blouse sleeves!

yoruba trational nigerian wedding trends

Wedding Decor and Design Trends

Pretty floral walls, over the top hanging flowers and dramatic installation have started are going to be even bigger this year than last. I personally like the creative use of mood lighting and fancy stage effects.  I also see more couples choosing to use water colour and geometric elements in addition to the popular floral options. 

naija wedding decor trends 2018

Wedding Themes Trends

From classic winter wonderland weddings to edgier alice in wonderland themed wedding, I saw alot of couples using a specific theme for their weddings. From old hollywood weddings to enchanted forest weddings, I expect to see more in 2018

alice in wonderland wedding theme

Royal Wedding Trend

If you think Kate Middleton’s wedding was super hyped, then you need to brace yourself for some major noise for this April. The engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, one America’s TV darlings, has been all shades of dramatic so I the wedding coverage to be be monumental as well. I’m pretty sure everything we watch, the good, the bad and the ugly, will trend after this wedding. If she wears a black wedding dress, then black wedding dresses will be a thing. It’s that serious! I am really looking forward to it, because I think the bride is super stylish and royal weddings tend to be very classy unique

Wedding Invitations Trends

Paper is still the most popular wedding invitation option, but I expect to see couple’s choosing options such as ac acrylic, suede and wood. 

unique wedding invitations lagos 2018


The Afterparty Trend

In our parent’s time, night parties  after the wedding (those ones under tents on the street)  were a thing. And then they stopped. And now they are back. 

nigerian weddings 2018 trend

Wedding Food Trends

Food is the cornerstone of every Nigerian wedding, and I am yet to see anyone complain about too much of it. From fancier finger food such as small chops, to novel ideas such as donought walls, suya, I expect to see fancier catering options at weddings this year. Someone please add fish pepper-soup to the menu! 

food at nigerian weddings

Bridal Party Trends

Brides and grooms have started showing more love to their bridal party with the popularity of bridesmaids and groomsmen gift boxes. Very thoughtful way to appreciate your nearest and dearest. 

bridesmaids gift nigeria lagos

Gifts by Cerise Noire

So which of these trends is your favourite? Is there any specific trend that you would love to see more of in 2018? Please share in the comment section below. Also, we will be sharing more nigerian wedding inspiration next week, so keep refreshing!

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