Igbo Weddings – Traditional Wedding Brides and Couples


Hi everyone. We are celebrating the Igbo Wedding culture here on wedding feferity with some beautiful images of brides and grooms looking great in their traditional igbo attires. Feast your eyes on some gorgeous georges, luscious laces, rich colours and culture.

Traditional Igbo Weddings – Brides and Couples

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More Traditional Igbo Wedding Brides


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About Sayo C.

Sayo is the Editor of Wedding Feferity. She is very passionate about improving the way Nigerian Weddings are planned and celebrating our wonderful culture.


  1. Oluwaseyi says:

    I think its high time I start touring Nigerian states with a Nikon in my bag :). Beautiful!

  2. Loooovelyyyy for a dream

  3. the marriage between the eyes and beauty is a union of eternity. Lovely people, gorgeous camera work.

  4. lovely

  5. I am one of the brides you guys have on this page and I’ll tell you that neither my husband nor I are Ibo. We are both uhrobo. Please check your facts properly and ask for permission before you start putting people’s pictures up and claiming that every woman on here is Ibo.

    • Dear Ufuoma,
      Many Thanks for your comment. We apologize for the mix up and are more than happy to remove your image from this post. Most wedding vendors are happy for us to share images of their work but we understand some brides are not happy with this and we respect this. Please feel free to note which one of your images we used either here in the comment section here or by email – info@weddingfeferity.com.

      • WHY ARE YOU APOLOGISING TO SOMEONE WHO CLAIMS NOT TO BE IGBO, YET HAS AN IGBO NAME?????????? Its like saying KENTE is no longer a Ghanaian fabric!!!

        If you are not Igbo, you have to change your name… unless of course you admire the Igbos so much that you adopted their name… and language***

        Ufuoma bu afa Igbo.
        A ma m na e wotalu ife m kwolo, maka na onye n’aza Ufuoma bu onye ga n’asu, ma n’agu kwa asusu Igbo. E wotago…

        Even a Yoruba person who hears your name knows he is hearing an OMO IGBO NI!

        • ufuoma is an urhobo name not ibo,get ur facts straight ok and be more polite to people. ufuoma means peace. so try and apologize.

          • Absolutely, Ufuoma is an Urhobo name which means PEACE. PAX!!

          • Ufoma is different from Ifeoma. I’m ibo.
            You did well to make apologies to the complainant and I’m sure she’s pacified . I’m absolutely proud of you for the step to make peace. Ufoma you did well to bring your grievience to their attention and very politely too. Way to go Nigerians

          • Well no body said ufuoma is same as ifeoma, they’re both different but ufuoma still mean peace too in Igbo , so saying it’s an Igbo name is not a mistake😀

      • Sayo, I must commend your politeness and response to Ufuoma. I don’t know her or her picture but I think if I mistakenly find myself being shown as a model on a website (non commercial), I would certainly see it as a beautiful thing. All the same, permissions are important. Beautiful work Sayo… Keep it up

      • Sayo thanks a lot…, if everybody is like there will be peace in the whole world.
        The most difficult thing to some people is to say “sorry” but to u isnothing keep it up.

        I want to invite u to a ttraditional wedding this easter tuesday, 29th march..

  6. Must confess that u people did a wonderful job. Keep it up

  7. My African WOMEN? ‘gorgeously fabulous!!!!
    Ecco Kayode and his Cute Wife…. I can see you guys!
    All the best in marriage! Muah to y’all, BEAUTIES!

  8. emmnuella says:

    Lovely all d way. Nyc pics n lovely people. Photography is a really beautiful art

  9. omorinsola Babatunde says:

    Please I want an igbo wedding dress designer, that can help wiv lovely catalogues and prompt sewing.

  10. Uguoma oya na, which is yours let her take it down! Like u dnt like it. Shior!!!

  11. Ufuoma who cares?u sound so tribalistic,See urhobo too .long hiss

    • Urhobo with IGBO NAME? How come?? What does Ufuoma mean in Urhobo?…Please, do not translate it to the Igbo meaning!

      • Ufuoma means peace and is and urhobo name not Igbo. she has every right to identify with her tribe. Don’t be rude people.

        • Stacy please no body is trying to make this lady not to identify with her tribe, okay ? But the controversial name is also an Igbo name with same meaning..

      • Please stop with the crass display. I am Igbo also, but I understand that everyone wants to be properly identified for whatever ethnic group they represent. Apparently, Ufuoma being an Igbo name also is an Urhobo name. The lady has clearly stated that she’s Urhobo, so it’s foolhardy to insist that she’s Igbo.
        Please, let’s respectfully take down her pictures so we can peacefully enjoy the rest of the wonderful display.

  12. Nice work u have here. pls can I get blue and silver/white inspiration pix for triad wedding? thanks.

  13. Nic3 work keepnit up

  14. Awwwww!really nice work.Good one.wish I saw my trad wedding pic here,wld be so excited#shinningteeth#pls put up mine.lol

  15. Hi Omorinsola Babatunde, call 07038532466 for all your traditional wears designer. Clean sewing and finishing with perfect fit. Thanks.

  16. Pls I really need a green and gold mix pics for traditional wedding. Tnx. All nice work too. I love

  17. Please i live in Calabar I need a good Igbo Tailor In Calabar

  18. delightsome says:

    pls let d pictures be numbed so dat one can refer to d number and make a comment. I love d eyebrow of d girl on crown with simple outfit.

  19. Nice work, keep it up.

  20. ogunjemilua busola says:

    For fashion lovers.
    My name is busola. Md bcraft accessories. We specialize in beaded accessories especially bridal accessories.
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  21. Daureen Nkwocha says:

    I leave in lagos and I need a good female tailor

  22. Proudly Nigerian…Proudly IGBO!!!

  23. Chinwe says:

    Wooooow! Guess am most Lucky! My trad is in some weeks….and iv found wat am lookin for! Trust me, am gonna send it to u, so u can post it right here! Nice Job! More Greese…to where ever its needed. #shinnin teeth#

    • Sayo C. says:

      Lol, Chinwe, Thanks for the grease…. I’m glad you found what you like. Especially since you didn’t have much time! Have a fab trad wedding ceremony!

  24. Chinedu says:

    Nice set of pics u got here bruh, ama a fotografa, when I see a professional job, i know 🙂 (y) anyone in need of smooth-cute pics, pls pop up 🙂

  25. precious says:

    I really like all ur pics, they are really wounderful nice job.

  26. glory says:

    guss. I love this I wish my we be there to ooooo when I do my wedding

  27. Adaeze says:

    I no send who dey complain about her pics o
    I think it something of pride to set a trend for other people’s wedding outfit.
    Dear sayo,I will personally send my wedding pics to u which is comin up Dec for u to publish for me and keep up d good work.U are really saving somany brides out here wit ur wonderful piece.God bless

  28. Wow!

  29. Chidimma says:

    Thanks Sayo, u r really doing a great job. By God’s Grace my wedding is 3 months from today. Jus finished d intro and dowry payment last weekend. Need serious help 2plan a lovely but not exorbitant wedding. Help me Sayo!!! Pleaseeeeee

  30. Nomvula says:


    I love Nigerian traditional wear and I need it for a wedding coming up in dec, I need to know how do I go about getting one or do you have shops here in South Africa.


  31. oluchi says:

    It should have been Nigerian traditional wedding instead of IBO cos not all d brides r igbo.u r right ufoma BT don’t take it personal OK.we r all Nigerians weather Igbo or not .luv u all.. u gurls rock.d pictures r muahh!!! wish u all d best of d best.congratulations!!


  33. My weeding is come up soon, please where can I get a good talor for my traditional weeding for me and my fiancé . Am an Igbo woman and I stays in port harcourt , I need a good talor there .

  34. oluwatosin says:

    Lovely camera works,welldone.Sayo pls i would very much love to be acquainted with you,you,re doing exactly wat i called my passion,i am a lady uw dnt jst love photography ,i love weddings as well.coz i love to b part of a love story.heheee.so pls ifu wnt mind,u can send me a response via my email.thanks dear.hoping to hear frm u.

  35. Sayo, U are great. Continue d gd work. Pls 4my orange on purple wt a touch of green as my wedding colour, which can I can use as color combination 4my trado? Help pweeez!

  36. Hello Sayo,
    Good job u hv done so far. These are fantastic, keep it up. I wish to see my Trad picx here as well. I Love this, hope u will help me publish mine as well?

  37. these pictures are extremly lovely,kip up yhe gud work Sayo.

  38. I really love the dresses..good work!!!!

  39. amar events says:

    nice work.am an upcoming events planner.would like to knw u more.well done

  40. lovely all d way

  41. Chike Enedoh says:

    Nice one Sayo, keep it up.
    Now for everyone, if you need a professional, respectable, amiable, amazing, international standard MC, there you go, that issue is solved! Get your dream MC! Call: 0806 337 3600 or add me on BBM – 4ADCFB4 Cheers!

  42. Chike Enedoh says:

    Sorry for the mix-up! My pin is: 7ADC4FB4 Thanks.

  43. u guys are doin a wonderful job here ooo, i much confess

  44. Nigerian Ladies are very lovely(Igbo or not)….when a good cloth meets a beautiful body the story always ends this way…….and the photoguys did a great job too.
    How about some pics of men too?….let’s show the world that Nigerian men are even more gorgeous on their trads.

  45. chukwudebe says:

    sayo i must said u re doing a wonderful job here keep it dear and GOD BLESS U

  46. chukwudebe says:

    sorry keep it up

  47. sweet

  48. maxwell chetaobasi says:

    What a nice job, pls i just did my traditional weddn four days back: 22Nov14, and i want u to post my woman pic here, i wil be so glad if u do so, keep the good work!!

  49. Beautiful pics, keep it up

  50. Nice Pix and Beautiful faces

  51. this is waoh, they look fantastic,…. I have seen what am looking for

  52. Muctarr KaiKai says:

    I really like all the designs. Keep it up my dear may God bless you. And moreover am planning to get married come next year November. Am a Sierra Leonean, am presently in Freetown. How can i get access to your materials.


    Keep it up please

  54. I wish am d one bcos dey all look gorgeous

  55. hi there there are these checked materials you use in traditional movies he can I get them I seriously need some

  56. Nice work Sayo. Anyone in need of a good traditional wedding attire and formal attired. pls contact CHEN KAY FASHION 07089314407, 08139362084. They are based in Lagos but can deliver anywhere in Nigeria. I’ve seen their designs and its awesome.

  57. Moses Abiola says:

    I really like all the designs.I prayed that i wish to do it for my daughter.keep it up great job.God will continue bless you amen.great job.

  58. Oh! how i love Nigerians and their traditional attire. i’ve alwals wished to get married to a Nigerian guy and now i have mine. Beautiful clothes wish to be in one of the them one of the good days

  59. Onyinye says:

    Sayo C mmmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh. Dis is soooooo wonderful. Inshort u just saved me d stress of wat design I shud wear for my trad dat wil be coming up in 2wiks time. God blesssssss u for me. And yeah I wil send my pics to u to upload here ooooooo. Lol. Kudo. Kip up d gud work.

  60. Sayo, u really have outstanding pictures here. Pls, how can i forward my own traditional wedding pictures bcos i would like to see mine here as well. Well done & keep it up! Smilesss

  61. Mirian Oluchi says:

    Sayo, I love this…I must confess! Can I add u up on whassapp wt dis no 07038532466? Thumb up 4 u jaari!

  62. Steppykool says:

    Gud job… I must confess, I ‘ve overfed my eyes lol thumb up.

  63. There is a grt difference btw Ifeoma or Ifoma which is an Ibo name nd d bbeautiful Isoko/Urhobo name “Ufuoma” which means PEACE. I dnt see anytin wrong if Ufuoma make people knw her ethnicity. so Nonye try to be polite to people ok.wit dis kind of attitude u can miss opportunities trust me. btiful work Sayo.kudos to you.

  64. kelechi perpsy says:

    i like ur work,its so beautiful nd creative! pls my will be coming up on 3rd january 2016,i will be glad if u post my pix.?

  65. I am an Urhobo lady getting married to an ibo guy. I want to knw how we are going 2 dress for the traditional marriage? Is he to dress like an Urhobo man or we going to dress in our separate traditional attire. Thanks for ur reply

  66. And I need refer to dat Nonye. U rude and disrespectful. What is wrong in making correction about ur ethnic group. First of all, u shud knw der z difference between Ufuoma and Ifeoma except u can’t read well

  67. afykezz says:

    these are fabulous, loving it all. in need of a professional makeup artist in Enugu contact me or WhatsApp this number 07034990292 or email me on queendion28@yahoo.com

  68. Nnedinma Mbagwu. says:

    Dear Sayo. You are a God sent to me. My wedding is fast approaching and I had absolutely no idea what to wear before now. Thanks a lot for the inspiration. These are amazing photos. Thanks a lot. Am really proud of you.

  69. priscy says:

    Nice work. Keep it up Buh I need more pics for my traditional marriage coming up on september

  70. wow.lovely.infact i am Short of words.my marriage is this month end.i love to send my pictures.u re doing a great job.keep it up

  71. Darlingtina says:

    Hai..Please I need your advice with color combination
    I want to combine sea green with royal blue.
    the sea green will be gown while the royal blue will be the shoe, bead and probably gele and purse….

  72. yes am available here fr more informations contact dis number -09033836723

  73. I hope you get to read my comment!. This is nice. However, I am disappointed. You know why? I could not find a single picture displaying a full view of our heritage in attire of either of the tribes, particularly – Igbo. What is found on this page is youthful fancies of the modern day. I had an assignment to present to an audience here in Japan – my people and our traditional attires, particularly Igbo where I come from, and it saddened me that I couldn’t find even one on this page. Please consider displaying full views (from head to toe) of both the bride and groom, devoid of distractions and on full focus on the camera screen during the shot. Not just a shot from the waist up. People need to know what our real traditional attire looks like – what we wear from head to toe! Thank you very sincerely, and keep up with the good works.

    • I mean, particularly, a picture of the bride and groom, from head to toe, on full focus at the camera screen, devoid of distractions.

  74. Adaobi okpalaugo says:

    Am from anambra state my guy is from abia state i want to use sea green an gold gele or orange gele advice me the one to go for and advice me the shoe an hand bag to use thank you.

  75. Adaobi okpalaugo says:

    sweee ok

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