Happy New……Everything!!!



Hello Everyone!

Happy New Everything!!!!!

Today is brand new in so many ways! New Month and a New Government announced here in Nigeria! I hope you are as hopeful as we are for the rest of the month, year and 4 years in Nigeria.

Our country and culture is such an amazing one and we pray the new government is able to take us to the next level……..

Who is READY?

About Sayo C.

Sayo is the Editor of Wedding Feferity. She is very passionate about improving the way Nigerian Weddings are planned and celebrating our wonderful culture.


  1. Aww, I’m ready. Hope this change is a good one. Happy new year and new season to you Sayo!

    Ify Ada

  2. I am very ready and hopeful for my beloved Father land. Nigeria is such a great nation and I’m excited about the blessed future. By the grace of God, better years ahead for Nigeria through the renewal of the minds of the people and all things been equal, the change in government.!

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